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Having a kitchen remodel done at your home will increase the value of your home and provide a functional and beautiful space that you and your family will enjoy for many, many years. This is why homeowners always call us as their Woodbury kitchen remodeler. We have over a decade of experience and we work with our clients to provide their dream space with our profession service. We offer a wide range of renovation methods to meet the needs of our customers.

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There is project that is too large or too small for us. We can make your vision come true with our design and custom remodeling.

Woodbury, Minnesota

Woodbury is the ninth largest city in Minnesota with a population of 67,855. The city was originally called Red Rock, but the name was changed to Woodbury after one of the first justices of the Supreme Court, Levi Woodbury. The area was first settled in 1844, then was organized as a township in 1858. The Charles Spangenberg Farmstead is one of the last surviving farms from the nineteenth century in the city. This city has something exciting for everyone to enjoy.

The city has over three thousand acres of parks and 140 miles of trails. Visitors can enjoy relaxing or playing at any of the parks and walk on the trails to see nature that is located in the city. There is also an indoor park, which is called Central Park. The indoor park has a library, a YMCA, and different activities that everyone can enjoy. A favorite place in the city is the Carver Lake Beach. The Carver Lake Beach has a playground, a large swimming beach with lifeguards, picnic areas, and an archery range. The lake is forty acres deep and you can enjoy fishing here, too. If you spend an afternoon here, you will quickly see why the Carver Lake Beach is a popular place for residents and visitors. During the winter months, visitors can enjoy the outdoor skating rinks in the city. There are five outdoor skating rinks along with warming house that are open daily. If you are visiting the city during the winter months, then you can enjoy ice skating at one of the parks.

We were the basement remodeler for this woodbury home - GNB

There are plenty of fun activities to see and do in this city. If you are just looking for relaxation and beauty, then this city provides that and so much more.

Great Northern Builders is the professional contractor that homeowners in Woodbury contact for all their home remodeling, home additions, and basic remodeling. We provide a no-obligation consultation. Contact us today and let us help you design a room remodel for you.

Renovation for Leasing Purposes

We were recently contacted by a young couple looking for a basement remodeler in Woodbury able to take on a large project to convert some under-utilized space in their home. The couple wanted to renovate their currently-unfinished basement and turn it into an apartment they could rent out for some extra cash. We felt our company would be perfect for this basement remodeling job, so we sent someone out to do a consultation right away.

The couple was looking for two key elements in their remodel: a stylish, modern kitchen with hardwood floors and a bathroom with a relaxing, spa-like feel. Beyond that, they were open to any ideas we had. With our lengthy experience as both a kitchen remodeler and a bathroom remodeler, we felt our company was up to the challenge of completing their key requests, as well as the rest of the project.

We provided the couple with a detailed plan for how we would renovate the space and actualize their vision for the apartment, should they hire us as their home remodeling contractor. The plan discussed the specifics for each aspect of the work and stated the estimated cost and timeline for the project. Once the couple reviewed the plan, they agreed to hire us and we got started.

We began by ensuring the basement was properly insulated, plumbed and wired, so everything behind-the-scenes was working correctly before we put up the drywall and installed the flooring. For the floors, we decided to go with hardwood floors in a medium walnut throughout the entire space, to provide a cohesive flow. For the walls, we chose paint in light, neutral colors to make each room appear brighter and larger.

In the kitchen, we installed dark cherry cabinets to contrast with the lighter floors and stainless steel appliances to provide a cool, sleek look. The countertops we chose were granite with flecks of brown, black and grey, and the backsplash was a dark grey tile installed in a diamond pattern. We decided to put in a center island to provide more cabinet and counter space.

The bathroom was the last aspect of the project. The couple selected a tan adobe stone for the floors and a smaller, blue and green tile for the shower. The countertops and cabinets matched the kitchen, using the same flecked granite and cherry wood.

When all the work was complete, we made sure to instruct the couple on how to maintain each aspect of the remodel to ensure their basement had a long and prosperous life. The couple was thrilled with the results and couldn’t wait to find tenants for their updated space. They promised to contact us with any future projects in their home.