How to Choose a Roofing Contractor

Don’t Choose The Wrong Roofing Contractor

It’s been an unusually wet Minnesota spring and summer. Just ask those with leaky roofs. Take Corey for example, the Cottage Grove resident was sitting at home one weekend night in mid-June when the heavy rain storms not only beat down on his roof, but started seeping through the roof to his newborn daughter’s bedroom. It spelled trouble. Not only did he have a roofing problem, he now had water leaking through the ceiling along and the walls and down the carpet. What started out as a leaky roof turned into more work than it needed to be, more money and more time.

Corey may have learned the hard way, but you don’t have to. When searching for the best Roofing Repair for Leaks, Storm Damage” Minneapolis/St.Paul roofing contractor look no further than Great Northern Builders (GNB). A free estimate with a certified GNB field supervisor can help you understand your roofs condition before the next big storm hits.
“We’ll be able to quickly point out where damage may have occurred and help you troubleshoot potential trouble spots,” says Chris Biljan, owner of Great Northern Builders.
Even if you don’t think recent storms have damaged your roof it’s a good idea to understand how natural wear and tear, previous storm damage and the general lifespan of a roofing when determining if you need to hire a Twin Cities roofing contractor.

It always good to have a specialist walk your roof to make sure you do not have any missing shingles or damage to the shingles caused by wind or hail,” says Biljan.
Some roofing systems will not last more than 10 years before repairs are needed, says Biljan.  Others can wear out much sooner pending on quality of product. Others may have more wear and tear than normal based on past storms or previous damage that’s gone unnoticed. That’s why it’s a good idea to know how to choose a roofing contractor that has experience, and make sure you look at the when selecting your contractor. Call GNB to have a trusted field supervisor inspect your roof and provide a free analysis. The trained roofing professionals at Great Northern Builders can also help you understand how to work with your insurance company if an insurance claim needs to be made.
GNB services the greater Twin Cities, outstate Minnesota and Wisconsin and has a team ready to assess and handle your roofing needs.
Don’t wait until it’s too late like Corey did. At Great Northern Builders we provide a combination of quality work, outstanding services and fair prices. And most of all, we can provide a peace of mind and confidence your roof will be able to handle the worst of these Minnesota storms.
Call us today, we service the twin cities and surrounding subur