How To Choose A Siding Contractor

Don’t Choose The Wrong Siding Contractor

Curb appeal. It’s important to homeowners. When people drive up or past your house, they immediately notice the exterior appearance. Whether it’s wood, vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass or hardboard composite siding, among others, the type and quality of your home’s siding goes a long way towards improving exterior appearance.

But what’s just as important as how new siding can help protect your house. It is important to choose a siding contractor that will not only help the appearance of your house, but to also help find quality materials that will last a lifetime.

“The benefits of new siding go beyond appearance,” says Chris Biljan, owner of GNB. “New siding can help secure your house and provide added water protection. Insulated siding can also reduce energy costs providing extra protection.”

If you’re considering updating your siding, contact GNB. A trained GNB field supervisor can provide a free analysis, cost options and a plan on the best siding options for your house. Most important though, the professionals at GNB provide a reputable, trustworthy Minnesota roofing company dedicated to completing your project on time and within budget. References are available and we have outstanding example of work on our web site and by request.

When choosing a siding contractor, ask questions. At Great Northern Builders we provide a dedicated team of local workers who have experience to do your siding job the right way. We are licensed, insured and bonded and completely committed to providing you with the best service and quality of work possible. We will discuss timeline, outline the process to complete your siding project and provide you with options to find a siding project that fits your goals, and budget. We can work with you to find the best products out there will still fitting within your budget.

And about that curb appeal?

“An old house can turn into the nicest in the neighborhood with new siding,” says Biljan. “And a newer house can get a new unique look customized to the homeowners wants and needs.”

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