How To Choose a Window Contractor

How To Choose a Window Contractor

When it comes time to choose Minnesota’s best window contractor, don’t get fooled by those commercials and advertisements promising low cost windows. Many of those companies advertise the cost of the window itself, but forget to mention the up-sells and additional costs of actually installing the windows.

You won’t get that with the professionals at Great Northern Builders. We provide competitive prices, but we are also honest and upfront and will send a trained field supervisor to discuss whether you need a window replacement or complete new window installation package. There are differences and that’s what many companies forget to tell customers in those commercials.

How Do you Know When Your Home Needs New Windows?

There are some obvious warning signs, such as a draft coming through the windows.

“If you feel air coming through your windows, it’s time to consider installing new windows,” says Chris Biljan, owner of Great Northern Builders.

And that’s what you want to avoid. You’re basically throwing money away if that’s the case, especially when it comes to the cold Minnesota and Wisconsin winters, or those extremely hot summer months. Homeowners with poor quality windows, leaky windows, cracked windows or windows that don’t open and shut properly are throwing money away because many think the solution is to turn the heat up or air conditioning down to help regulate/find the right temperature.

The bottom line is this: Drafty windows can drive up energy bills, costing you more money over time.

Common Window Specifications

Choosing The Right Window Contractor“Installing energy efficient windows lowers your energy bills because your heat is not leaking out in the winter and your cool air is not leaking out in the hot summer months,” says Biljan.

Contact Great Northern Builders for a free estimate and analysis. We’ll come out to your house and look at your windows and point out potential trouble spots. We’ll show you areas where improvements could be made and discuss how the right window can help you save money. We’ll answer your questions and help you understand the window replacement or repair process. Do you need new windows? Do you need the windows wrapped for extra insulation? Do you need new trim on the outside of the windows when replacing existing windows?

GNB is a certified lead paint contractor and have experience tackling window replacement and repair jobs on homes that are both old and new, big and small.

Leaky windows can keep you cold in the winter, hot in the summer and stressed all year long. Don’t throw money away, contact GNB for a window assessment and evaluation today. Remember, getting an evaluation is free! Call today.