Brian Vogelgesang

Brian Vogelgesang, a seasoned construction professional with over two decades of experience, is the Production Manager at Great Northern Builders. Commencing his journey in 1999, Brian’s passion for crafting custom high-end homes has earned him renown in the industry. His formative years at St. Paul Tech and Dakota County Tech provided a robust technical foundation, crucial for his success.

Brian takes pride in notable accomplishments, particularly the successful completion of his inaugural custom home in Lake Minnesota, affirming his ability to thrive in the competitive construction sector. His role as Production Manager reflects a continuous commitment to achieving excellence.

Unique attributes distinguish Brian, including unwavering motivation, a relentless appetite for learning, and a reputation for dependability. These qualities contribute to his track record of precision and quality in constructing high-end homes, making him a valuable asset to Great Northern Builders.

Brian’s motivational drivers include thriving in the fast-paced construction industry, enjoying the challenge of problem-solving, and finding joy in the entire construction process. Outside work, he values quality time with his family and indulges in the leisurely pursuit of golf.

In summary, Brian Vogelgesang is more than a Production Manager; he is a motivated, dependable professional with a proven track record, bringing continuous learning, problem-solving skills, and a passion for high-end home construction to the success of Great Northern Builders.