Chris Biljan

Chris’s connection to the construction industry runs deep, with roots tracing back to his grandfather who pioneered a custom millwork company in the early 1970s. Following his grandfather’s legacy, Chris’s father and uncles assumed leadership after his passing, ensuring the family business thrived. As the eldest of five boys, Chris cherished his childhood spent in the “shop” and accompanying visits to the lumberyard, forming the foundation of his passion for construction.

Immersing himself in the craft, Chris eagerly enrolled in every construction course available in high school. Upon graduating, he promptly entered the industry, founding his inaugural construction company in 2002, utilizing any available rented space. The evolution continued, culminating in the establishment of GNB in 2009. Chris takes immense pride not only in the success of the business but also in the accomplished professionals who form his dedicated team.

While embracing tradition, GNB recently acquired the very building his grandfather erected over four decades ago, adding a poignant touch to the company’s heritage. Chris actively engages in all facets of the industry, from client collaboration and meticulous budgeting to hands-on involvement in the design process.

Beyond the professional realm, Chris’s commitment to family endures, with his focus extending to construction even during leisure. A devoted viewer of “This Old House” on PBS, Chris channels his passion into creating spaces, such as the recently designed and built room for his son, Camden. Family time remains paramount, with Chris, his wife Natalie, and Camden enjoying moments together. Outside of work, he indulges in interests like classic cars, boating, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Chris seamlessly intertwines his personal and professional worlds, leaving an indelible mark on both.