Form Meets Function: Our Four Favorite Bathroom Trends

Our most successful client bathroom remodels are often a mix of good organization, fun trends, and smart design. Unlike some rooms, your bathroom gets used every single day. This busy space needs not just to be beautiful but practical too!

We love creating bathroom designs that are equally efficient and interesting and have remodeled countless spaces for our clients over the years. Scroll below to explore a few of our favorite bathrooms and four fun trends!

Stunning Showers
Showers are the perfect place to start the morning fresh or wash away a stressful day. Never underestimate the value of a really nice shower! They’re an excellent place to invest your resources because showers get used so frequently.

Bold Powder Rooms
Powder rooms are an ideal opportunity to make a statement! A smaller space like this allows for more character and fun that could be overwhelming in a larger space. Chose a vibrant countertop or a strong wallpaper to add a playful element to a room that’s often overlooked!

Playful Tile
One of our favorite ways to create a beautiful bathroom is by playing with tile. From bold patterns to bright colors to unique shapes, tile lends itself well to expressing your distinct design personality!

All-Out Organization
The unsung hero in any home’s design: storage! Organized, well-planned storage is the secret weapon that makes any bathroom look beautiful and feel peaceful. There are countless ways to customize your bathroom around your lifestyle and storage needs.

Ready to freshen up your bathroom’s style? Give us call – we’d love to help!