Porch Life

This client’s late 80’s home was in desperate need of some curb appeal. The dated front exterior was wrapped in the original rough-sawn cedar lap siding, which had endured years of abuse from weather and the elements.

Aside from being dated, the porch was also too cramped for the homeowners to enjoy. They wanted more space to pull up a chair and take in the beautiful view of their sprawling property. Our owner, Chris Biljan, carefully planned a new design that incorporated a more extensive, open-air porch with an expanded roofline and front walk approach.

To create a low maintenance space to enjoy for years to come, we used a mix of natural and easy to care for products. Bonus? These materials also provide a lot of design character!

The focal point of this stunning porch is the reclaimed timber gable truss. The towering Douglas Fir beams were pulled from the Old West Publishing building in downtown St Paul. Not only did the material make an incredible addition to the project, but it’s sure to be a conversation piece for another one-hundred years! Engineered from original sketches and hand-hewn individually before being shipped to the site, the 1,500-pound truss was assembled on-site and set into a place with a crane.

To finish the porch, Trex decking was installed to provide a low maintenance and durable surface. New nickel-gaped, rough-sawn pine was added to the ceiling vault and stained to appear weathered. Lighting was also installed throughout the porch and surrounding landscape to give a sense of warmth and, of course, provide needed illumination. LP Smart siding, reclaimed white oak details, and new faux wood garage doors finish off the front of this beautiful home.