Minnetonka Man Shed

In these times of unrest and Covid -19, the country and Minnesotan’s are looking at different, safe and creative ways to work, teach, work out and play at home. Often referred to “Man Caves, or She Sheds,” The home now more than ever has become a true safe haven for families.

Creating a new space without leaving the safety of your own home may be the new norm. Whether it’s transforming an existing space or building a new structure on the property, more and more clients are asking for these options knowing the amount of time spent at home is increasing.

When this client came to us, they were looking for a way to create a space outside of the home, but on the property. An escape for relaxing, entertaining and just hanging out was the vision. Differing hours of work and having one of the family members working from home….. The discussion was moved towards a “Man Cave” type build.

This quaint home was already boasting with Character and still shows much of its 1918 charm. The near .50 acre lot afforded plenty of room to choose the perfect location, making the build look as if it had always been there and ensuring it fit in with the original look of the home was the objective.

In order to accomplish this, a mix of natural and low maintenance materials were selected. Natural cedar, reclaimed soft woods and deep dark colors makes the structure stand out without looking out of place.

Careful design and planning were taken to fit all of the wish list items into the space. The space needed to be large enough for a small gathering of friends and family to feel relaxed without feeling cramped. Architectural windows and a powder coated commercial style garage door flood the space with light and help make it feel much larger than it really is. The natural materials were brought from the outside in continuing the reclaimed softwoods on a feature wall and custom beam work at the ceiling. A fireplace with a custom-designed 3/8” cold rolled steel, welded surround wraps the area and shows of the beauty of the welds and the bluing from the heat during fabrication. Sealed concrete floors steel turnbuckle details and stone elements complete the space. The amount of detail in the space is unrevealed.

Lastly, what is a “man cave” without a bathroom? A “green” and responsible approach was taken by selecting and incinerating toilet that uses only about 1 kilowatt per hour as in use. Selecting this application not only solved the challenge of bringing additional sewer and water to the space but it also saves approx.…2,000 gallons of water per person year. Clean, efficient, and chemical free! Call GNB today for a Complimentary consult of your next project!