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It is essential to always hire a licensed contractor for your home remodeling projects. Homeowners in Minnesota always call Great Northern Builders for their Mahtomedi kitchen remodeling, home additions, and storm damage repairs, because we have the experience that is needed to provide quality workmanship for all of our customers. We have over fifteen years of remodeling experience and our entire crew thrives on providing exceptional services. We provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers in Mahtomedi.

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Whatever the design vision you might have for your home, we can turn that into a reality with our professional home remodeling and home addition services.

Mahtomedi, Minnesota

Mahtomedi is located fifteen miles from St. Paul. The population for the city is 7,676. The motto for this charming city is “A Small Town City”. The city got its name from the Dakota Tribe. The post office was first established in the city in 1884 and today that same post office is still operating. This small community has plenty of exciting things to see and do.

This client wanted us to do kitchen remodeling in mahtomedi for their home, pictured here

Mahtomedi is a favorite location for visitors and residents. Visitors can go swimming, fishing, and boating on the lake. Another fun outdoor activity is at the Pine Tree Apple Orchard, which is nearby. Visitors can pick apples and strawberries when they are in season along with buying fresh baked pies and caramel apples.

If you enjoy the best foods, then you can enjoy over seventy different restaurants in the area. There is fine dining, casual dining, and places to just grab a sandwich or a cup of coffee and dessert. Whatever foods you are in the mood for, then you can find it in this city. Shopping in this city is fantastic. There is specialty shops, boutiques, décor, and craft stores that you can purchase one of a kind and unique items. You will something that you will treasure when you do your shopping here.

Mahtomedi is a wonderful charming city that is great for outdoor enthusiasts along with just relaxing watching a movie. It is full of wonderful people that we have been glad to call our neighbors for as long as we have lived in Minnesota.

The homeowners in this city know to always contact Great Northern Builders for all their home remodeling, because we have the experience, qualifications, and the staff to meet your needs. Contact us today and let us schedule an in-home consultation.

We Finished this Project Ahead of Schedule!

We got a call from a schoolteacher who taught consumer science and some cooking classes in a nearby high school. She was experimenting with some new recipes and realized she wanted more space in her kitchen and an island installed. She decided to call us to be her kitchen remodeler in Mahtomedi, and we were able to work within her budget to have her kitchen updated just as she wanted.

Our professional design team met with the homeowner at her home, so we could get her home remodeling vision along with seeing the space. Our team gave her different options along with some advice to go along with her budget. She had a specific budget and we also make sure to provide the best products and services to match our customers budget.

The Kitchen Remodeling Estimate was Accepted

The customer wanted to have new cabinets and hardwood floors installed in the space, then a center island. Her current appliances were fairly new and would match perfectly with the new décor. We gave the customer an estimate and she was pleased with it, so we scheduled a date for us to start the project. She also asked about bathroom remodeling, and we told her all that we could. In the end, she just went with working on the kitchen for now.

The crew arrived on time for the job and started the remodeling process by first removing the old cabinets, flooring, and appliances. The crew started doing the framing for the new cabinets and adding the electrical and plumbing, then they started taping the walls for painting. The new cabinets were hung, then the base cabinets were installed along with the new island. The crew then installed the new marble countertops and sink that the customer had requested, then the lighting was installed. The crew then brought back in the appliances, then wiped everything down as the kitchen was remodeled to the customer’s preferences. 

The customer came in from work later that week just as the crew was leaving for the day, and the crew let her know that her kitchen was done. She went into the kitchen and couldn’t get over the transformation. She said the kitchen looked better than she could have ever imagined. She said it looked absolutely beautiful. The customer opened each cabinet door and told us how much she loved the new island. The customer kept saying that she couldn’t believe this was her actual kitchen.

She thanked the crew for doing an outstanding job, staying within her budget, and having the project completed two days ahead of schedule. She said she was going to have a dinner party, so she could showcase her new kitchen, and she would be sure to let everyone know that Great Northern Builders was the Mahtomedi kitchen remodeler that did such a great job for her at her home.