Remodeling Q&A: Frequently Asked Questions

As people spend more time at home in 2020, remodeling has become more popular than ever right now. If you’re considering remodeling, you might be wondering, is it a good time to start a project?

Our short answer: yes! Home financing rates are at an all-time low; it’s a great time to invest in your home. From offices to play spaces to workout rooms to areas for virtual schooling, there are countless ways to make your home work better for you!

To help demystify the process, we’re answering our most common client remodeling questions below. Want to learn more about renovating with our team? We’d love to chat!

Question 1: How long will my project take?
Answer: On average, after the design and permitting phase is complete, bathroom remodels take between 4-8 weeks, and kitchen construction typically lasts from 10-12 weeks. Please keep in mind, project length is also based on material availability. 

Question 2: How soon can you start my remodel?
Answer: The timing of your specific remodel all depends on the design process and permitting approval. Once we’ve dug in and started planning, then we can give you an informed, tentative project timeline!

Question 3: I’m ready to go; what’s the next step?
Answer: If you’re ready to get started, then get in touch with us ASAP. The influx of demand caused by COVID has slowed down the remodeling process, and many needed products (such as windows and siding) are on backorder right now. Give yourself enough time to plan your project and reach out to us sooner rather than later!