Returning Customer Needs Work in the Basement

We got a call from a past customer whom we had done kitchen remodeling in Dellwood for. They wanted us to remodel a small room in their basement while finishing the rest of it. We talked them through the process and made sure to ask what they wanted to use their basement for. They wanted a nice rumpus room and home theater area for kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying family time.

The Basement Remodeler Project Began

Our professional designers met with the homeowners to go over their vision of the basement remodeling, and we wanted to measure the space, provide options, and give the homeowners an actual estimate that can’t be done over the phone. The homeowners showed us the basement and we asked them if the basement gets moist or wet, because we didn’t want to remodel the basement without repairing a problem before we started. The homeowners assured us that the basement never got wet or moist, which was a great sign. We measured, got all of the important things added that the homeowners wanted, then we gave them an estimate that they were happy with, so they hired us again, and our crew was scheduled to start in two days, which was enough time for the homeowners to remove all the furnishings in the basement. 

The crew arrived the first day and began building the frames for the basement walls and the added room. Once all the frames and walls were built, the crew added the electrical outlets for the basement. The drywall was added, then the crew applied the mudding, performed the sanding, and then began painting the walls to the colors that the homeowners requested. A new door was installed to the new room in the basement, then the flooring was installed. In the theater area of the basement the homeowners wanted carpeting, which our team installed the carpet of their choice, and in the added room space the homeowners selected hardwood flooring, so once the carpeting was installed the crew installed the hardwood floors. Within ten days from start to finish, the crew worked on the Dellwood basement remodel to not only to meet the deadline but to please the homeowners who were anxiously awaiting the reveal of their new spaces that we created. 

On the final day, all the crew had to do was to install crown molding, run the vacuum, and just dust off and tidy up, so the space looked great for the homeowners. One of the crewmembers knocked on the front door to ask the couple to come downstairs to see their space. When the couple came downstairs they walked through the space and the new room and said: “You guys did a great job”!