Six 2020 Design Trends

As 2020 begins, the design industry is cozying up to new trends. We asked our talented designer, Tracy Donlan, for her perspective on what styles will be popular in the coming year. Read on below to see what she had to say!

1. Color and Comfort
Painted cabinetry is still the most common request for kitchens and bathrooms, with white being the strong leader.  However, we direct our clients to a softer, warmer version – a linen or creamy white – especially with our long Minnesota winters, a true white can feel harsh and cold come February.

2. Bold Tones
Color usage is becoming deeper and softer.  Jewel-toned dusky sapphires, dark teals, terra cotta, and rich jade are balanced against soft sunset blushes and warm taupe.  Greys are still popular but trending from the cooler to a warmer undertone giving a sense of serenity and calm.

3. Touches of Warmth
Adding touches of warmth through natural materials is gaining even more prominence.  Whether wood, rattan, or burlap, the inviting quality of natural materials makes a room feel more livable.  These finishes are moving away from being as rustic, with less rough-hewn appearance and a more touchable and sophisticated appeal.

4. Playing with Texture
Combining multiple textures can also add interest and elevate a design.  The richness of velvet juxtaposed with burlap can lead to unexpected elegance. Whether it’s something simple as a table setting or in a larger format such as pillows on a sofa.  Performance textiles are allowing more variety in color and texture to be used on furnishings without the worry of maintenance and livability.

5. Kitchen Zones
Bringing this theory into kitchen design, more kitchens are utilizing multiple cabinetry finishes.  Combining painted and stained cabinetry or multiple colors can designate different zones, add interest, and animate a kitchen.  Special attention can be brought to unique features within the room by highlighting them with the finishes selected.

6. Quartz Countertops
Quartz countertops are the surface of choice for many homeowners.  Allowing for less maintenance than natural stone, the aesthetic of quartz can mimic marble or granite.  Often an island or specialty area of the kitchen is made more dramatic through a stunning countertop while utilizing a more subtle pattern for the perimeter spaces.