Storm Damage Repair: Hire Local, Avoid Storm Chasers

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How To Spot Storm Chasers When You Have Storm Damage 

A severe storm that causes widespread damage is a home or business owner’s worse nightmare. A tornado, thunderstorm, hail, high winds or heavy rain can blow through a Minnesota or Wisconsin neighborhood and quickly damage the home you’ve worked so hard to make beautiful.

And when that happens, contacting a trusted, reputable general contractor like Great Northern Builders should be the first step you take. Great Northern Builders provides a free property inspection with a certified field supervisor to determine the extent of any storm damage while working with you to create a plan to help you through the repair or restoration process.

“Our company is very knowledgeable in all areas of restoration and construction,” says Great Northern Builders owner Chris Biljan. “We can provide you with a list of residential and commercial references that can vouch for our hands-on approach with any and all projects we work on. We pride ourselves in making sure our customers are well-informed of any and every step of the procedures and processes involving their project.”

When storm damage occurs, avoid storm chasers looking for a quick fix and looking to make a quick buck. Companies that show up from out of nowhere are considered storm chasers and are often looking to pressure you into quickly signing a contract to repair your home, while promising low prices and that they will handle everything with your insurance company for you.  Great Northern Builders is an established Twin Cities residential and commercial general contractor with a strong reputation and the references to prove it.

“You should be leery of any door-to-door salesman that make promises to fix or repair your home at an extremely low cost,” says Biljan. “It violates Minnesota Statue 325E.66 which indicates contractors cannot advertise or promise to rebate or credit any part of insurance proceeds. As a contractor we pride ourselves in staying up to date on all policies and statutes set forth by the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin.”

Watch for these storm chaser warning signs, according to the National Storm Damage Center:

  • Out of state license plates
  • No local office
  • No insurance or under-insured
  • Won’t provide local references
  • Demands upfront cash or deposit
  • Poor BBB ratings or no local ratings

In some cases, storm damage may not be immediately noticeable. If neighbors have damage, chances are you do to. Small issues can lead to big problems. Contact GNB to come out and assess your property and make sure you are not overlooking any areas

GNB is a local company that takes prides in building and maintaining relationships with customers for the long haul. By choosing GNB you are sure to be working with a reputable local storm restoration specialist that you can trust and that will be there for you. Since they are local they will be there should any problems or warranty questions arise now and in the future.

A storm may cause immediate damage, but Great Northern Builders can provide a lasting solution. When a storm hits your neighborhood, home or business contact GNB for a free property inspection report and you’ll be on your way to making a decision that will help you repair your home the right way, with a reputable local general contractor.